Valentines Day Confectioneries and Treats

So the big day is fast approaching and instead of giving flowers this year why don’t you give that someone special something tasty from Designer Bites

This year our team has come up with some amazing edible treats so be sure to check these out below

**All orders need to be placed by the 7th February

**We can deliver if companies / individuals would like to place orders for the 13th February (can be subject to a delivery fee)

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  • Valentines Cake Pops – R16.00 each
  • Cupcakes – R18.00 each
  • Petite Fours – R18.00 each
  • Macaroons – R19.00 each
  • Cupcake Flower Bouquet – R250.00
  • Valentines marshmallow  – R8.00 each
  • Small Heart Shaped Cake topped with assorted Chocolates – R200.00
  • 20cm Round Cake with Rose Details – R250.00
  • Mini Individual Cakes with Heart Detail – R59.00
  • 24 Cupcakes Heart Shaped – R425.00

**Please note packaging can be an extra charged if not the standard packaging – cards or personal notes can be added

**Some items do come as a minimum order

**All orders need to be placed by the 7th February

**You can choose to pick up from our shop or we can deliver subject to a delivery fee