FAQ’s for ordering and what we offer

Deposit for orders:

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure an order – this can be done via EFT, Credit Card or Cash  – only once a deposit has been paid and cleared into our account in the case of an EFT will the order be confirmed via email – all deposits are done on orders that are placed more than 2 weeks prior to the date required, should your order be required within the week of it be placed then the full amount is required.  Once a deposit has been paid the remaining 50% is due 1 week prior to the date of the order

  1. An EFT transfer can be made as long as there is sufficient time for the transaction to clear. On request we will send you our banking details as well as a reference number (on the top of your invoice). Please send us proof of payment via email, and we will confirm your deposit by locating your reference number and amount on our bank account once it has cleared. Please note that we require 3 working days for an amount to clear in our bank account, and a deposit will only be considered to have been paid when the amount has cleared.

Do you offer a refund:

The 50% deposit we require as confirmation of the order is non-refundable. In select circumstances and at the owners’ discretion, we may be able to offer a refund minus a 25% admin fee.

What Time can I collect my order:

Our trading hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, and Saturday 8:30am-1:00pm, Sundays 9am till 12pm.  All of our items are fresh and prepared specifically to the time of your order, which is confirmed when placing the order, so please note the time and keep to it.

How Long in Advance do I need to Order:

All orders are subject to how busy we are therefore it is best to email or call us to find out whether we are able to assist – sometime we can help out and others time unfortunately we are full

5-14 days for a shaped, 3D or personalised cake.
We generally recommend for shaped cakes that, if you know what kind of cake you want, you should try and place the order as long in advance as possible in order to guarantee that we’d be able to make it for you. Please note that advance notice for us means 4-8 weeks, not 3-6 months!

For wedding cakes, this time frame increases, and the more notice the better, though 6-8 months is the maximum recommended time for quoting purposes.

How do I transport my items:

Your items will be given to you in a box or a bag or platter trays, and can be transported as is. Please note that when driving with your cake it must be placed flat in the boot (trunk) of your car, and on warm days, it is important to make sure that the car is as cool as possible. Do not take sharp corners or brake suddenly!!!

Please DO NOT keep your cake on a back seat that is slanted, or on someone’s lap unless they are willing to sit with their legs at a relatively uncomfortable 90-degree angle throughout the journey.

Please note that if you place one of our cakes in direct sunlight, in the middle of summer, it will melt. We cannot take responsibility for any damage to cakes once they have left our premises. If cakes are not transported and stored correctly, they can be damaged as our cakes are also subject to gravity and temperature changes

Do You Deliver:

Officially, no for cakes, cupcakes and cake pops exception of candy stations which we will obviously deliver and setup. However, given enough notice, and for an additional fee, we might possibly be able to organise a delivery

The only case in which delivery is with wedding cakes, and that also depends on time, date and venue, and has an additional charge dependent on distance and day of the week. The option of delivery is subject to distance from our shop in Bryanston

Are all your cake decorations edible:

Yes, mostly. All of our icings are edible, as are the photos on our photo cakes as well as the fondant designs such as hearts or daisies etc. Please note that within the sculpting process for 3D figurines or toppers, some wires or support sticks are used (particularly in fondant work) and these cannot be eaten. The wires on which our wired hearts and stars are stuck also cannot be eaten. We try where possible to use only edible decorations on our cakes, but if in doubt, PLEASE ASK US BEFORE TRYING TO NIBBLE OR SWALLOW. Many of our kid’s cakes designs are decorated with plastic toys, which are of course non-edible.For example our soccer/football field cakes are decorated with plastic soccer nets and plastic soccer players.

What Flavour cakes do you offer:

We have a wide selection of flavours for our cakes. Please download our standard cake list here to see what we offer.

Our tiered, shaped or 3D cakes are available in limited flavours.

Do you make Edible Print / Photo Cakes:

Yes absolutely! The photos are printed onto sheets of icing using edible ink and placed directly onto the icing of the cake. The quality of the image you supply us with will determine the quality of the image on your cake, i.e. hi-res images give hi-res prints but unfortunately a low-res image will appear dark and blurry when printed.

Please note that we are not graphic designers, we are bakers, and while we are multi-talented and can sometimes change slight details on a photo, we do not provide a photoshopping service. All photos can either be emailed to us

How Much do your cakes cost:

Our birthday cakes  vary in cost ranging from ±R350 for a basic cake with a piped birthday message, to R2000 or more,  for an elaborately decorated, tiered or shaped cake.

All of our cakes are designed and quoted for individually according to the your needs. Please note that any 3D cakes will be quoted for according to the size and amount of detail in the design. The prices vary, and please expect higher prices for more work on bigger cakes. For example, a 2-tier cake will range from R850+ and more basic kiddies shaped cakes start at R495+. These prices are indicators, and can give you an idea of the approximate cost of a cake.

As all orders are quoted for individually according to your specific requests, we may not be able to give an immediate quotation on a specialised cake design in store without seeing the work on the cake

Please note that all of our icing decorations are hand-made on our premises, and our prices are calculated depending on the amount of work that goes into making the cake and decorations.

Bigger cakes cost more because…THEY ARE BIGGER. More cake means more decoration and icing, and therefore more work on every cake. This will naturally increase the price.

Do I get discount the more I order or on bigger orders:

No, unfortunately, buying in bulk does not qualify you for a discount. Everything we produce is hand-made on our premises, and this does not change as your order gets bigger.

Do you offer Cake Tastings:

We can offer you a selection of 3 Sponges to taste – this we charge a standard charge of R65.00 per 3 selections – these are done as cupcakes to ensure freshness – this amount must be paid in advance and schedule in advance before you come to collect your yummy tasters

Do you do Halaal/Kosher:

We are unfortunately not kosher at all.

While we are also not certified as Halaal, most of our cakes and all of our cupcakes and platters are made using only Halaal ingredients.

We do not use any animal-based gelatine in any of our products.