Basic Cake Decorating Tools

Here is a guide to the basic tools you will need for cake decorating

If you would like to buy any of the tools you can buy them from local Cake Shop Suppliers or contact me

Cake decorating tools pic

Here is a list of the basic tools you will require to do cake decorating

Rolling pin: Do try and see if you can get a long one. Because you can also use it to “roll up” your fondant and transfer it to the cake. Use a shorter and smaller one when you make decorations. You can get rolling pins in non-stick and wood.

Non Stick Board: This is essential for rolling out fondant – you can choose to either buy a board or use a non stick silicone mat

Smoothers: A pair of smoothers really makes the different when it comes to smoothing fondant.

Cake smoother pic

Angled spatula: Makes it more easy to apply buttercream frosting on the cake.

angeled spatular

Cornstarch duster: I use this when I roll out my fondant or sits and make decorations. You can make one very using a ladies stocking – just fill the stocking with cornstarch and tie it at the top and you have a duster

Modelling tools: A good set of modelling tools will help you when you are making figures or flowers. I like the sets from JEM and PME.

Basic Tools

Piping bag and tip: In the beginning I only had one piping bag, a coupler and a pair of decorating tips. Start out with round, star and leaf. They are still the ones I use the most.

Colours & dusts: There are different brands of paste/gel colours on the market today.  Remember that colours like black and red can be hard to obtain from regular paste/gel colours, they tend to use alot of gel but again this will come with practice. Colour mixing will come with practice – when you have free time experiment with colours – use small pieces of fondant and see what colours you can come up with  – a nice trick is to use a colour wheel and see if you can match up the colours – this will give you a good starting base till you get used to quantities to mix

Dusts are like eyeshadows they comes in all the colors of the rainbow and it can be hard not to buy too many ???? So a white pearl lustre dusts and a couple of plain dusts is good to start out with. You can mix your own shimmer dust by mixing petal dusts with pearl lustre dust.

Cutters & embossers: An easy rose cutter is always a good rose cutter to start out with. I also like the ejector cutters and you can now get a nice variety of ejector cutters with leaves, blossoms, calyx ect.

Miscellaneous: Clear alcohol for mixing colours & dusts. A small non-stick board. A good cake decorating book. Soft and fine brushes for painting. Toothpicks for adding colour and small painters palette for mixing colours but also for drying small flowers are good basic’s to have in your tool box.

Cake Decorating can be expensive but remember that start small and just keep adding to your toolbox